Precise Positioning of Points Using Grid

I was doing some tests with the new version 3.0.8 and was using a simple but non-symmetric poly figure.


I drew the base sketch and crossed target lines using Snap sketch to grid. Then I drew the side triangles using a plane through two points of the base and the target line intersection point. Doing a side triangle in-plane requires lining up points being drawn with the out of plane points and is a bit tedious, requiring lots of zooming. In fact Snap sketch to grid seems to inhibit precise placement as the grid view seems to be different because of the angle of the plane.

So, in a moment of inspiration, I thought why not switch to Top view while in plane and let Snap sketch to grid do the precision placement work? I would like to say this worked but apparently not.


So my question is whether the Top view looking down on an inclined plane has the same grid as say the X-Y plane and moreover should Geometry on the plane Snap to this grid?