Grid troubles


  1. Sometimes the grid is only visible through the holes in a body, but not on its surface. Why?
  2. Snap to grid is ON but it doesn’t snap. Why?
  3. Sometimes it snaps, but not exactly on the grid:

Thanks for any ideas,


Hi @YouvebeenSerged,

Could you please upload or send us a screen recording of the issue to For the video, please turn on the Tutorial Mode which you can find in the Settings page of the iPad if you scroll down to Shapr3D. Thanks!

Translation error in settings…
First line is French, second English:

Hi Peter,

Just downloaded new version… snap to grid bug not fixed yet?

Any news about the grid being off ?

Hi @YouvebeenSerged, lines don’t snap to the grid, points do. Just snap the end points of the line to the grid.

Is there a reason line’s couldn’t snap?

Well, mostly it’s because it would make sense only in special cases, when the line is parallel to the grid lines. We could handle this as a special case, but so far we didn’t. Usually the best practice is to use constraints to create accurate sketches.

That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
Keep up the good work. Loving dark mode.


Still struggling with the grid…

I finally aligned the sketch accurately on the grid. The width of the sketch is 198 mm, but the dimension in the drawing is 191,61! What is wrong?

Please tell me how I can upload the project, it seems not possible here.