Precision Matthews PM-727V Milling Machine

This my first attempt with 3D. This a Milling Machine in my shop.


Philip, as your first attempt at 3D, this is truly a testament to the intuitive nature of Shapr3D. Excellent work, and bravo for sharing!

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It is a learning curve coming from a 2D AutoCAD environment from 25 years ago. I enjoy learning with Shapr3D, you just have to learn a few basics and build upon that. I have a lot yet to learn with this product.


Super impressive, especially for a first try!

Thank you for looking. Iā€™m thinking about making 3D models of all my equipment. Shapr3D is an excellent modeling tool.

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:clap: Amazing and looks very real.

Thanks, I tried to match the color scheme the best I could.

That is too cool!! How long does something like that take to make on Shapr3d? Again, super cool!

I probably have several hundred hours in this project easily, from dimensioning the actual Mill to putting it into my AutoCAD 2000 (2D), then bringing it into Sharp3D to make the 3D model. This was really fun project. Thank you for looking.

Incredible work, especially for a first project.

Thank you. It was a learning curve for sure. Thanks for looking.

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