Custom Desk - First Project

I am a carpenter/cabinet maker. A customer asked for a custom desk design for his home office. I decided to give designing it in Shapr3D a shot.

All I have to say is WOW! I have a small amount of experience with 3D design software. But the fact that I was able to sit down in my first attempt and successfully produce this high quality rendering is a testament to the quality of the app as well as how simple/intuitive it is to use!

This drawing was done in parts of two days. It isn’t perfect, but it is more than adequate for my first attempt and perfect to present to my customer! I wanted to post multiple images but new forum members can only upload one picture. :confused:



Nice try !

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Looks great. I’ve raised your trust level, you should be able to upload more pictures now :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

NullArc I am considering this software for woodworking design. Are you able to display measurements and use them to cut lumber? I’m an amateur at woodworking and generally pencil and paper is fine. I’d love to use software like this if it can help keep track of the individual board measurements.

Just a note to Shaper3D - you might want to consider the woodworking community as a market segment for your product. Many of them use Sketchup, but I found it non-intuitive and clunky. Your app looks to be great for creating shapes etc and if it can add a few features to help out woodworkers you might make a bunch of new sales.


I have had limited success using Shapr3D for woodworking. I can make it work for my purposes but it’s not ideal. I would say this app is more suited to engineering. (I could be wrong. I am by far an expert on 3D software.)

There has been a major update that I am muddling through. You can now select two edges and the program can tell you the distance between the two. So for some measuring/cutting purposes this could work. But like I said, I’m far from an expert at this.

My father uses Sketchup to do most of our drawings and I would say it is better suited to construction drawing than Shapr3D at this point. HOWEVER, I agree that a “mode” for construction for the app would be a welcome addition.

Hope this helps some!


What improvements would you like to see?

Like I said, my experience with 3D software is limited. So there may be ways of doing things hat already exist.

One thing I struggle with is making miters with crown molding. I can draw and extrude crown molding profiles but the only way I have figured out how to make a miter is to extrude 2 pieces of crown an a 90* angle from one another and have them overlap. Then I create a 45* plane where they meet and subtract that plane, then delete the extrusions that exist beyond the created “miter”. This is a tedious process. And like I said, there may be an easier way to do this that I’m just not aware of.

I have to say though, that it’s a testament to the software that I am able to “draw” things for projects with little experience with 3D software.