Sharing my first model!

So been playing around with shapr3d for a few days and finally decided I was ready to try some product design.

I’m really Impressed how the software runs. I can quickly just scribble and cut and carve out shapes super easily. I am never going back to poly Modeling, this is way easier and quicker!.

Started this one maybe 2 hours ago, futuristic kettle! :smiley: . This poly modeled would have taken days. Still WIP. Will post final when it’s all done and rendered out. :slight_smile: image|375x500


Nicely done! Thanks for sharing.
Next time, do a screen grab within Shapr3D. Go to Export and select Image.

What do you mean by Scibble? I am so new I purchased however I never designed before, did you use a tutorial?, there are so many of them, I’m not sure which one to use without being turned off cause I picked the wrong one to learn with.

Do you recommend a tutorial to start with?

my first model apart from the basic demo ones,
its so easy to freeflow design in this app