Problem with entering a size directly

Hello All. Spontaneously in the beta version it is no longer possible to enter a size while creating a line or circle for example.

I have already closed the program once, created a new project, but this does not solve the problem. In the installed non-beta version this problem is not present.

Are there more people experiencing this problem? Possibly a suggestion for a solution?

specs MacBook Pro
16-inch, 2021
Apple M1 Pro
16 GB
macOS Sonoma 14.4.1

Herewith two screenshots, while pulling the line

beta version 5.590.0 (6712)

non-beta version ( 5.580.0 (6676)

Press tab key and then enter the value.

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Good morning Alex @Xdrakosha. Thank you for your quick response. This morning I restarted the program and got a notification that a new version was available.

From 5.590.0 (6712) → 5.590.0 (6719)

Problem solved :slight_smile:

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