Problem with two-finger panning on iPad

Frequently I get tripped up when I’m trying to pan on my iPad, because one of my fingers accidentally starts on a tool button or its label. The finger that’s on the button is disregarded, so the entire gesture is interpreted as a a one-finger drag (orbit) instead of a two-finger drag (pan). It took me a while to figure out that this was what was happening, but it happens a lot, and it’s annoying to recover from because it only takes a tiny accidental orbit to completely throw off my orientation.

I can’t think of a reason I would ever intentionally drag a button, or tap both button and canvas simultaneously. Could this behavior be changed so that two fingers placed anywhere on the main view — not just on the canvas — can initiate a pan motion? A small change that would save much aggravation!

Usually which buttons do you hit? Are you using a smaller or a 12’ iPad?

I’m using a 12.9" iPad, though I often have a reference photo open in split-screen which shrinks the usable screen area by 25 or 50%.

It’s not any particular button.The tool palette, the orientation cube, any of the floating UI elements around the edges will block the gesture. Most commonly it’s one of the longer tool labels like “Create Drawing” or “Chamfer/Fillet.” They’re especially hard to avoid since they have no border or background and often blend in with dark edges or surfaces.

But even starting on a button, the pan gesture is unambiguous, so the best solution would be to prevent the buttons from intercepting multi-finger gestures.

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