Problems with “Extrude”

wanted to subtract a form from a body. While moving the form through the body I can see the wanted result, stopping the action it turns into an extra body. The subtract selection wil not work, it keeps adding it as a body.
What is causing this!? Other drawing do not show this behavior (did not restart the app while testing this)

Hello Dutch66,

Looks like you may wish to hide all the other objects while you extrude the new body. Then unhide objects and subtract.


The subtracted body changes to a new body because of a zero-thickness issue as the extruded shape goes through the rectangular shape.

The two cylindrical bodies are nicely tangent with each other. Along the line they connect, an infinitely thin line appears that makes the Boolean tool fail. Just modify the smaller cylindrical shape as a solution and everything will work fine.

Thanks a bunch, makes complete sense to me now! Was a strange drawing anyway, the round and connected straight form were supposed to be a mill taking away the material so I could create a drawing for hand milling (a way I use a lot!)

Best wishes for the new year!