Extrude not behaving as expected

Having an issue with extrude not subtracting. Here is a video both using an existing shape to try to cut into or subtract from a body, and then drawing a completely new shape. It does not seem to happen on every file I have, but there is one project file that I’ve done quite a lot of work on and it seems to be a recurring issue over and over. Not really wanting to completely rebuild this project from scratch.

Just from the video it’s hard to tell what’s happening. What happens if you manually apply the Subtract command after extruding the body?

Normally if you have a shape drawn, and you extrude it, and the shape is not drawn on a body, it will extrude until it hits the body and then the extrusion will disappear and it will subtract that profile or shape from the body. It is not doing that. It is continuing to extrude the shape straight through the body.

Extruding the part through the body and then subtracting does nothing.

Is it possible you are running a really old version of Shapr3d?

I am unsure why you do not see the “extrusion” type option next to the drag handle. Normally you select it like this to get it to perform the way you want:

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It’s a very old file, but no, it’s the latest version of the app itself. It’s a file that has undergone many, many revisions. I have no way to tell when the original file itself was created.

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Does it let you select the two bodies? Does it give you an error message?

Yes. I can select both. Would it be helpful for me to send the project file securely? I’ve moved on from that file and am just rebuilding all of this in a new file. It didn’t seem time-economical to wait for a bug fix versus rebuild it myself, however I would certainly be interested to know what is causing this to occur and if this is a bug just in this project file, or in the program as a whole.

Yes, please open a support ticket and attach the design.