Propeller protection

Hi guys

Here is a simple practical part of mine.
I like designing with Shapr3D more and more.
Direct construction is a lot of fun.
I have to get used to the fact that the sketches are not parametrically connected to the body and changes from previous steps are no longer so easy.
However, direct construction has other advantages: =)

Enclosed the project for download, a small 3D print video and some pictures.

Have fun!

Prop Schutz.shapr (113.8 KB)


Looks like a good design. I would reduce weight by experimenting with vertical slots in the outer cowling. Are you printing with Flex material?

Changes are not easy, I found it best to save copies of body parts in a “SAVE” folder and lengthy projects. Starting from scratch sucks!

The weight does not play a role in this application.
Otherwise I would design differently.
I would never make cutouts on the ring, it creates turbulences.

Unfortunately, securing in between is not the real solution either.
You then have to continue drawing from where you saved it.