Proper Design Techniques

Ok, I used the free version for a few days and I like it so far, and it will definitely suffice for what I need. I just purchased the Pro license, and I have a couple weeks to make sure I’m thinking the same way as the developers did.

So, I know(?) there isn’t really a library where I can store individual widgets that can be used in various projects. That’s ok, but how should I approach this? Let’s say I modeled 30 different bolts that I know I’ll be using over and over. Should they all be in a single project that I can import? Or should they be stored as individual projects and retrieved as needed? Should I make a ‘new project’ template that contains all of these widgets in folder and then import it when I create a new project?

I don’t care how I need to do it, but I don’t want to get deep in design and then wish I can done it differently. Thanks!

Since there’s currently no way to insert objects from one project to another within the app, your only option at present is to save them as files, preferably .x_t files. You can organize the files however you want within your computer’s or iPad’s filesystem and then import them into your projects as needed.

Alan, you prefer X_T over Shapr3D format?

I wasn’t sure there was a way to import a .shapr file into an existing design. I just tried it and it does work.

There are pros/cons how ever you do it.

  • .shapr has advantage of bringing step history if that is needed (HBPM beta)
  • .shapr will have everything in the design, hidden items, sketches, visualization, etc.
  • .x_t has advantage of respecting isolation so you can get just one (or a few parts) from an existing design easily (without duplicating the design so you can delete everything you don’t want to export.
  • .x_t is best way to exchange between HBPM beta and stable Shapr3d

And for “standard” items, there is a great resource with McMaster-Carr, where hundreds of thousands of design files can be downloaded in .step format.

In the past, I would use .shapr format, where I had only 1-2 bodies in the export. Today, I generally use .x_t. After HBPM is released, I’ll may go back to .shapr files. For me, I want to organize my pseudo library in my file system as individual items (or pseudo assemblies) and not as a big template file with lots of various things. (I did that for a very short time ; -) And, it is OK to have a mix of various file types in the pseudo library that you import.

Using Shapr3D format is how I’ve saved all my components into iCloud folders. I was wondering if I was missing something…! :rofl: