Publish to web simplified rendering

Some questions that I figure better be suited under ‘Future request’ if there is no solution…

First, in ‘Publish to web’ I have found no way to remove the ground shadow. Is there?

Second, and this I expect is not possible, to render ‘unreal’ like the more cartoonish structure you can achieve in ‘export image’. This to share a construction for discussion that is easier to read.

And finally I have not succeeded in my limited tests to include any transparent part (again, preferably not to be realistic), it turns out quite ugly.

(a way to set, for example Front, for initial view would also be great)


No, ground shadow cannot be turned off on the web.

You can export only colors without materials, if you don’t use materials in Visualization, but color the Default Material.

Sadly, transparency is quite problematic in the rendering engine used on web, depending on the part’s shape, it’s sometimes okay, sometimes it’s not good enough.