Fresh improvements ahead - 5.130 (3107)

Hi Shaprs,

Another batch of Visualization improvements is here! Make sure you check all the novelties:

  • Shadows are now improved
  • Default and transparent environments now react to light/dark theme change
  • Certain environments now have ground shadows

As always, your feedback is more than welcome! :rocket:


I just checked out the improvements and the difference is like night and day… literally!





Still not perfect but makes models look so much more pleasing. Thanks team for doing such a great job! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Peter,

ground shadow is a great improvement when the objects are placed on or above the ground, @welshsteve exemples are great.
But when objects are centered around the origin and expending below the z=0 plane, or when you are looking from the bottom, ground shadow it is not wanted (see the red circled shadow floating in the air).

Would it be possible to have a toggle button to activate or hide the ground shadow?

I love the app and the evolution’s pace! Thanks again.

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Just curious if light transmission through transparent objects is something that’s on the roadmap for improvement to visualization in the future?

In my image you see two openings in the red body. The opening to the left of screen is a simple opening while the opening to the right has a glass panel. The shadow has ignored the glass and treated it as if it is opaque :flushed:

Yes, we still have a lot to do with transparency in general, and planning to improve it. We have a ticket to fix this specific issue, however I can’t promise a release date yet.

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That’s great to hear. Thank you.