Webviewer help

When sharing using the webviewer feature, some details of transparency of bodies are not shown.
Is there a way to fix this?

Are you having issues with transparency on the Webviewer website’s model viewer or in the AR preview? On what device / platform?

Webviewer website’s model viewer.

Maybe you want to share the URL of your WebViewer model? Could be easier for the engineers to get the problem. :smiley:

My model does not change enviroment in webviewer.
Is that by design or a bug?

Collaboration webviewer link

Environments are not included in the Webviewer.

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This is the link to an example. I had adjusted the transparency levels in the visualization.

Seems like you have overlapping bodies, which also causes a visual glitch (Z fight).

Make sure you only have one body at one position, and they are set to transparent material.