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I am unable to lengthen an object without increasing height and width. This led me to a 2 year old post with the answer in a video but but the video links dead! Through all my trial and error my attempts either fail or just scale or distort the shape. Put simply, if I draw a cube, how do I resized to make it a rectangular cuboid?


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Click on the face you wish to amend then click the arrow and drag to extrude in either direction to shorten or lengthen.

Thanks for the response. Yes I understand that but my shape is more complex than the shapes that extruding a single face will work with. I’ve tried tirelessly to scale, offset or extrude the different combinations of edges or faces only with either distortion or “action failed.” Here’s the drawing. I’m trying to change the length and width of the whole shape without distorting, changing angles or changing height. The height, 4x4 legs, 4x1.5 feet and 2” top flange need to remain while being able to change the 47, 39 and 41” length and/or 32, 24 and 25” width. This so I can create multiple versions to fit different applications while maintaining height and angles and leg size.
Thanks again!

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Aha, I think I understand what you’re asking now.

Ok, draw a bounding box over the right portion of the drawing to highlight the whole of the right panel and legs.

Now go to the tools menu and select move (which should already be highlighted).

Drag the highlighted portion by your desired distance.

As you can see, this changes the length of the model without disturbing any of the other dimensions/angles. Just do the same with the width.

I’m not entirely sure why this isn’t working for you. Do you have any constraints locked? This might prevent you from extending the model the way yo u wish.

Hope this is a little more helpful and what you were looking for :grinning:

My question is how did you draw the trapezoid? I extruded a rectangle and can’t figure this out. using the image in your video, how to do make the top of the extrusion rectangle smaller than the base? Resizing seems to not be very intuitive on any object that you want to reshape. I’m sure there is a trick.

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Welcome to the forum.
Here are two ways of doing the trapezoid.

Wen you extrude, you can change the size of the top face with the arrow.
Alternatively, you can resize the top face (select only the top face, not the whole body).
Hope it helps.



As usual, there are a number of ways to achieve the result you want depending on your work flow and specific needs.

Below are a variety of examples…

  1. Draft following Extrude
    (the simplest solution but allows control of the draft angle only and all sides are drafted equally)

  1. Loft Between Two Sketch Planes
    (a great solution and allows control of specific dimension of both bottom and top)

  1. Scale Face
    (not my favourite as it’s difficult to achieve specific dimensions)

  1. Move Edges

(a great solution and allows control of individual sides)

  1. Rotate Face
    (great for achieving a specific angle to individual sides)

  1. Split Body
    (similar to above)

7a. Cut Away - Straight
(allows full control of dimensions…)

7b. Cut Away - Curve
(…and allows you to get creative too…)

7c. Cut Away - Shape
(…as long as you don’t over do it, of course!)

Hope this helped :smile:


Wow! Yes this was definitely helpful. Thanks for all the great examples and the quick response. It’s nice to know you can find help.

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You’re welcome :grinning: