Questions about new pdf export


I am very happy to see that 2D drawings is finally getting some attention. It’s a great start!

I have a question about exporting as pdf however. In DWG/DXF format everything is fine and looks great but when exporting as pdf the vectors creating all the lines get very jaggy. Curved lines are especially problematic. You don’t get the same clean and sharp lines as you get with a DWG export. Can this be solved?

Another issue is the inability to choose the thickness of the lines in the pdf export. Right now they are far too heavy. Drawings with a lot of details get very crowded and almost look like black blobs when viewed at 100%. Will this be a feature soon?


Thanks for the feedback! Addig options to customise line width within drawings is on our roadmap. If you could send me your pdf files to that would help us in the process.