Rais individual points vertically

Is there a way to move individual points from a surface vertically or can you draw a line at different heights?

What is it you are trying to achieve? Hard to answer question without more information.

You can use “offset” construction planes to easily draw lines at different heights.

You can select individual edges and move them (sometimes). You cannot say, pick a point like the corner of a cube and move it though.

Hey first of all, thanks for the replies:). I’m currently testing the possibilities of shapr3d. Since I have often had to deal with meshing, I wanted to find out whether there were any opportunities to work in this direction. (To move lines or polygons in x, y and z directions and to create meshes and then to make bodies or surfaces from them.

Solid modeling doesn’t use meshes per se. It can export them. It uses math descriptors to create solid bodies… similar to a vector art program makes 2D shapes the same way.

A mesh can be like a flexible sheet with no thickness that can be closed to make a solid (like Nurbs). Shapr needs a closed loop 2D drawing that can then be lofted.

So you won’t have the same problems that you get with meshes. OTOH Solid modeling makes it harder to create organic-like structures.

This is an apt description. I’ve even had issues with selecting and projecting a face into a sketch to try and loft. Often, even though it’s a solid face and should select all the edges and the sketch should be closed, I’ll end up with an “open sketch” and have to manually go through and find the un-linked point and make it defined.