Moving points, not edges or faces

Hey there,

For example if i have a cube and only want to move one cornerpoint of it, is this somehow possible?

My probblem is, i want to build a 3d object from only a front, and a left sideview… but its not symetric in any way…

Attached you‘ll see the drawing, in the top left corner you see the front view, next to it in the top right is the sideview from the left side.

Please excuse my bad writing and thank you already for any help ! :):slight_smile:

Having trouble visualizing your need. You can manipulate planes on the edges of objects and draw sketches on them.

Hey, thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:
Oy think i now know how to fix my issue.

Is there a way to move the endpoint of a lina in all axis? I only can move in in the plane…

Why don’t you watch these really good video tutorials and trace them?
It would be so much easier to learn.

Sketches are two dimensional objects. In solid modeling you typically work with 2d profiles and use various tools to combine and modify 3d bodies that are created from these 2d profiles.Have you seen our youtube channel? It has a lot of tutorials, and there are a few built into the app as well.