Recreating Google remote

I’m quite new to Shapr3d and love it so far. I’m trying to re-create a Google remote (see attachment ). My problem is the touch surface (marked). I initially felt like it would be an easy task to do but the problem is to get a circular shape and at the same time get a smooth surface/transition following the curvature of the remote. I get close, but I’m not able to make it circular (as in the original). Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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It’s tricky. What you could try is to project a circle to the middle of that surface as an edge, then grab that edge with the move/rotate tool and try to create the desired form. Then you can simply delete the face that was created by the projection. It’s a bit of a “hack”, but it can work.

A more sophisticated approach is to create the desired surface separately using the loft tool, then use the Replace face tool replace the face with the lofted face. This way you have full and accurate control over the shape.

I hope this makes sense, if sg is not clear, please let me know.


And one more thing: it looks like to me that the issue here is that the outer surface in the original design is shaped differently, and has a planar intersection with the internal spherical surface.