Pattern on a ball

Is there someone who can tell me on which way, I can draw a pattern at a ball or egg or something like that. A pattern at the whole ball.
I cannot find it at you tube or the programm.
Thank you.


Do you mean drawing a sketch/pattern on a rounded (non-flat) surface?

Yes that’s exactly what I mean. I’m sorry that my english is not so well!
Domyou know how to solve this?

It’s not possible I’m afraid. There’ll likely be a solution to your task though. What is it exactly you’re trying to achieve?

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I am a jewelry designer and maker. So I Wish to make several things to combine, like a ball, an egg, a piramide etc. At this moment I try this to do, but unfortunatly not succesfull.
It is a pity that shapr3d cannot make this.

On a sphere, it’s pretty straightforward using the transform tool, by copying the pattern you would like to use. You just have to center the gizmo to the center of the sphere, then copy and paste the pattern.

For an egg, it’s a bit more complicated, but by positioning the gizmo on the axis of the egg, you could create patterns even on an egg.

Thank you for the explanation. I am gonna try to create something.

Hi Istvan, could you maybe post more detail about how you would use the tools to meet Cesarines requirement? Do you mean create a sphere and a pyramid (for example) and then just move one into the other? I can do that but can’t figure out what you mean by copy and paste…

I’m also not sure what you mean by centre of the sphere…how do you find this and select it in the sphere?

Apologies for basic questions…

Here you go:

In the transform tool, when you select a sphere, the gizmo will automatically jump to the center of the sphere. You can use the transform tool to copy bodies.

Thank you Istvan. I get it now.

Ps…is gizmo the official name for that tool? Should be in my opinion! :joy:

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Yes, transform controls are often called gizmo in CAD systems :slight_smile:

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I mean for example something that looks like a golf ball. A sphere which has little figures all over.
In several other cad programs there is a tool with wich that is possible. But I cannot find it in shapr3d.

Same way. You can copy holes like this, or you can just copy a bunch of spheres and subtract them. We don’t have a dedicated array tool yet.

Ok I am gonna try. Thnx.

This is a very favorite tool(gizmo) Istvan but pls note that if you want 48 copies of a triangle in a circular pattern for each 7.5 degrees then you must do this 48 times! It would be much better in preference panel to include a repeat button too, i.e. for example, repeat cpoying every 7.5 degree up to 360 degree or 240 degree or sth like that. It’s much needed in complex designs.

I don’t think that this is a great solution, but until we have a pattern tool, it can be used fairly well.

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