Redo selection before last command

Can we pretty please not loose the selection if we undo a command. An example would be we mark 20 faces to move two pieces of an object and something goes wrong and we do a CMD-Z, I would really love to still have the selection of the faces until I click somewhere else. It would really save a lot of time. Anything speaking against this behaviour?
Right now it is - “oh no my selection is gone”.
a Re-Mark button would also do the Trick.


Totally agree with this one .

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This happens even more often from an ipad with the Pencil. Tap a bunch of things and either accidentally tap the wrong place OR tap something too quickly in succession and the entire object gets highlighted = lose all your selections and have to start over from scratch.

IMO the first undo step should reselect the previous selections.


I very much feel the frustration like a pc-game with a hard level, where you have to replay it over and over to fail at the very end and repeat the boring part to get there.


I have exactly the same problem

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yeah, the thing is that you may unselect an accidentally selected face, but if you accidentally select a whole body by double-tap, it ruins all the selection you made previously.

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Seconded! it’s how undo works in many other 3D content creation software. Undo just undoes the last modeling step, but returns you to the selected state. Feels more intuitive.

Also implementing selection filters or at least priority (face / edge / solid) is how many content creation software operate. I love modeling and going fast in Shapr. it’s a bit silly I then to lose all the flow due to selection gotchas :slight_smile:

Just to have an official confirmation from someone at Shapr3D here: we hear you. It is on our radar to make selection changes part of undo/redo queue, but I can’t give you a time estimate on when we get to it.

@Sirogi, I am not sure I get it: Shapr3D does have selection filters, both when you are within a tool or in the parametric version, changing existing topology selections (only the types that make sense in that setup are selectable) and for area selection. What kind of filtering would you find useful beyond this?

Thank you for confirming about including selections in the undo queue! That’s great news.

I think selection filtering within the context of a tool works fine (only allow geometry that is relevant to the next steps).

But before entering any tool context, when just moving over the object, it tends to highlight anything, which on a complex model can be a lot. If I know I just want to pick face / edges / solids to start, that’s the filtering I was suggesting.
(haven’t tried the parametric beta yet)

Apologies for bringing up another software, but houdini or Maya comes to mind, where you can explicitly toggle what type of selections are on.

I got it, thanks for the clarification. One trick I sometimes do in such cases is to use area selection even if I only want to select a single piece of geometry, just to be able to use its type filtering capabilities. But it’s indeed not perfect: it’s a bit of a hassle to combine it with additive selection, especially on tablets and the otherwise great functionality of it “seeing through” objects can get very much in the way.

On complex models area selection is useless sadly. Still selection frenzy over and over. And please unflag my post above nothing in there worth hiding.

Save the markings in the undo is now a long for asked feature and it is very important as extremely time consuming sometimes and even more annoying. When can we hope for this feature?