Loop selection? - undo not working on selections?

Hello!, new to the forum and shapr3d so apologies if I’m asking something that exists.

I’m curious if we can select an objects loops. I seem to spend a lot of time trying to select all around my object to perform fillets etc. It appears I can only single select and repeat for each edge I want to add or double tap to grab the whole object.

If I select the wrong thing and attempt to undo the selection it undoes my entire selection plus the previous operation :(. Am I doing it wrong maybe?. I’d expect undo to undo the last thing I did, the selection.

Aside from that I love this app. I do modeling for gaming and I will never go back to poly modeling again. This is 100 times faster!.

Yeah new to shapr3d too, and I could not find it either, seems like a major oversight.
I would like to be able to select the object for extrusion, I recent was doing a little model and I had 64 items to extrude and i ofcourse had to click 64 times , and if I missed one it was a real pain.
I think if you group items you can easily select them by clicking the gorup ( in the layer menu ) but if you want to select for extrusion or a particular edge your out of luck.

While S3D doesn’t yet support the loop grouping, I find it much easier to use the folder view. You can easily select the items by tapping their name, which also helps you confirm which item, if you haven’t giving them a name. For example, if you named the first circle “circle”, then every duplicate would have the name circle in it also. Then you can group all the circles into a folder.

Cool thanks, I’ll give that a shot :slight_smile:

This trick only works for edges, ie you cant select multiples faces for extruding, revolving etc.

Hi there, to undo a wrong selection tap on the sketch or body again - this will deselect only the object without affecting your previous selections.

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