Undo drops selection


I’m often making selections moving some faces and pressing undo.

The operation itself is undone, but the selection is always lost. Meaning you have to go in and select the faces/edges all over again.
It slows modelling down Alot.

Is there a reason for this? Maybe its a bug?

Yes, this is a quite unfortunate behavior, and something that we are working actively on. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix this soon.


Thanks for the reply.
Ah so it’s a known issue. That will definitely speed up the workflow once fixed.

Is this supposed to be fixed? I’m new to Shapr, just went through some of the basic tutorials that claim undo is supposed to maintain selections, except it isn’t.

Hi @Dedgecko , no, undo is not supposed to keep the selection. Only deselecting everything is undoable.

Yes, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaase fix this soon! It is so frustrating to spend time on selecting a Big number of complex elemtens and See ist disappear within a split second. Please make this unduable. Please!

Hey @juhu031167,

Deselect all is now undoable.



News to me too, great stuff please keep up the good work.

Hi folks,
Sorry but I’m a bit lost here with @Istvan answers.
Based on the exact issue description of @mzone3d, others, and my own experience, the issue is not solved.

Steps to reproduce:
• Selected x edges (could be many, seriously)
• Apply chamfer of any value
• Tap somewhere else on the canvas so the chamfer is not active anymore
• Undo because you finally figure out your inputed value was wrong

→ you expect the chamfer to undo, but to be back to the selected edge state, but it’s not the case
→ you lost perhaps minutes of edges selection, and even if it’s just a few edges, you lost every single times this happens a few seconds, which cumulated over the full modelling process is a —lot—


Great feedback, thank you, I get your point. We are working on improving the selection in the app overall, we will iterate on this use case as well. Thanks!

I wanted to open a new topic of this when I found Tazintosh wrote exactly the same. :slight_smile: Please fix this issue!

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Would also be nice to have ‘previous selection’ as a function separate from the undo command. I often need to do several operations to the same selection but don’t want to undo what I’ve just done.



I find that the app leaves too many features selected as it is. I can’t count the number of times I thought I was starting from a clean slate selection-wise and ended up messing up another feature of my design because something remained selected. I’d much rather have to “needlessly” reselect a feature.

Windows seems to suffer from this issue, if I do multiple edge selections and click undo all of my selections are gone rather than the previous edge.

Instead of pressing undo, just deselect what you selected.

Sure, but it’s not the usual behaviour from other 3d applications. Maybe it could be an option in preferences or something.

Hi folks.
What’s the situation here? It have been reported since may '19, the actual behavior is extremely irritating.
(see my previous steps to reproduce).

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This issue still holds true. If you accidentally click anything off of the selection, you lose it. VERY VERY tedious when you have to select multiple things carefully. This needs to be addressed.

If you hit undo after deselected everything, it will restore your selection.

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