Remove section of thread

How do I remove a section of the thread which will be in the middle of it approximately.

thanks in advance

I want to create like a dip or pocket in the middle of the thread

Use the top surface to create a plane to sketch the cut you want out of the thread.

So I extrude through the thread? With a shape to create the cut away? It will have to be a partial intrusion in to the thread as I only want it on the underside. I am not entirely clear on

What to do but thanks for the pointer

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I Just
Realised this will also be on to a curved surface so will be more difficult than a

2 D sketch

Hint: You can project the curve to the drawing plane.

I think this is what you want to do. I essentially did the same thing as @Oregonerd. The only difference is, I kept the plane against the top surface of the cylinder. The video shows both removing a section and removing only the underside of the thread. Sorry for the speed


Yes that second one is what I trying was to do

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Thanks to both of you

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