Renaming designs should be possible while Editing a Design

The problem that this feature will solve:

Currently, the only way I found to rename a design is close it, switch to designs view, right-click and press rename. This is like 5 Actions needed for a very simple task, and not really a great UX.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

Possibility to rename my opened Design while editing it. I see two possibilities:

  • on the items pane, via a button “Rename Design” or having the design as a displayed root node, then same as renaming items
  • or inside the … menu on the top right corner

What can’t you achieve without this feature?
I like naming my Stuff so I can find it easier, the default “Unnamed Design” doesn’t help and the process described above to rename is unnecessarily complicated in my opinion.


To make it even more easy it can be displayed at the top of the document and if you want to edit it you can tap and edit. I am curious why this is not a thing already also it would help to have folders but that another story.

Chiming in in support of this idea, as I came to suggest it myself. I like the idea of renaming by double-clicking the model name in the top, or right-clicking it and choosing “rename” from a context menu. It’s definitely very strange the way it is now.