New version: 1.1!

We have just uploaded a new version of Shapr3D to the App Store. It will be available when it passes the App Store review process, hopefully in 1-2 days. This is a big release, with lots of bugfixes, and and a very important, long awaited feature: groups!

New feature:

  • groups! Organize your workspace with groups, hide and show objects, or use them to select multiple shapes in tools. Check out the new Groups tutorial video!


  • for small objects, the high quality STL export could result poor meshes
  • lots of bugfixes in the freeform tool
  • fixed an issue that could lead to data loss in some rare cases
  • fixed a crash in the revolve tool
  • fixed a crash in the fillet algorithm
  • fixed an issue that could cause a crash when editing a curve
  • added some explanatory dialogs for some edge cases (regarding the yellow sketch fillings)
  • in some cases setting the regular/spline mode could crash the app
  • fixed a crash in the offset tool

New tutorial videos:

  • we have added a better tutorial video for sketching
  • we have added a new tutorial video for groups! Check it out!

This list is great. I am pretty sure Groups will be huge!

Hi there. Really like the group’s function. Being able to select the current group is really helpful. This is great for duplicating one part several times - without the copies being added to the original group - if that makes sense! Anyway, great update. Andy

Ever since the update, the app wont open for me. It crashes as soon as I open it. Any Suggestions?

Do uou see anything after the launch? Does the UI appear, or just black scrren or the launch image?
If you don’t have any data in the app you want to preserve, deleting and reinstalling the app will help, but do not delete the app if you have important workspaces saved in it (you will loose them).

I don’t see anything suspicious in the crash reporter, can you laucnh the app for 10 times with wifi turned on?

I fixed it by restarting my iPad.

awesome, thanks for reporting it anyway, always do, when you have any problems, we will do our best to fix it.