Using rename changed recently, when selected it highlighted the current name allowing a completely new name to be created just by typing, it has now reverted to the non intuitive and time consuming delete what’s there before you can choose a new name?

Renaming on the Design Thumbnails Page, or while in the process of Saving to Files should not be a problem.
If you are still having trouble please advise where you are or were having trouble changing Names.

Hi Gelphyn, renaming a body, is wrong it does not follow Apple style guidelines, and has been repaired recently to function correctly, but has now reverted to the previous incorrect action. Maybe there is a problem with the versioning software overwriting a valid change?

Function: When renaming a body, any keypress should clear the current name, and add the newly pressed character key.

Reason: Every time I have renamed an item I have wanted to delete what was there before, of course you should still be able to edit the current text by pressing space on the keyboard or something similar.

I feel your frustration but need to ascertain where you are attempting make the changes.
Are either of these the place:

Apologies, if I’m frustrated it’s because I have previously reported this, it was fixed and now it has reverted back to its old ways?

Thanks for the clarification I should have picked up on ‘Bodies’.
I accept that this system is awkward but in the main it is possible, for me, to to make and keep alterations.
Once access has been made to the Text Area using a Keyboard makes it a lot easier to to make the alterations I need. Without a keyboard it is certainly more frustrating.
True the manner of use is different to what we may have expected of Apple, but delving into the reveals that it is considerably different to Finder. The difference being due to iOS compared to macOS?

Hopefully one of the S3D team will chime in to review the situation for you.

Hi Nigel, this works correctly in the latest app update version 3.46.1
After you swipe to the left and tap on the pencil icon the current body name is auto-highlighted and you can simply begin to type in the new name.

Please update your app to latest version via the App Store and it should work great.

Good morning Victor, I was using the latest version, but accessing the “rename” facility a different way. The method you suggested works as expected but the first method in the video does not.

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Hi, yes you are right. It’s a bug, and super annoying. We’ve prioritized it, thanks for your feedback.

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