Render issue

Hello guys,

I’m not using the Shapr3D for a while and when I come back and open an old file, I got a render issue. Look the roof… it may look like the rest… but now it has this wireframe look. What is this? A new feature or a bug? How can i fix this?

I wish it was a new feature :slight_smile:

Can you send the shapr file? Btw there is 99.9999% chance that this will be fixed with the next release.

Well… today, when I opened Shapr3D, the roof got this look. I did try to color it other day to fix the wireframe look, without success. But now, when I opened Shapr3D, the color was there…

The link to the file:

This is extremely common , I have the same issue on a normal basis. Sometimes it comes back after a restart of the program. Sometimes your model is destroyed.

Interesting, I have never seen it before. Anyway, with the next release this issue will be solved .