Sketches and things still broken

Shapr3D Still Broken - YouTube I’ve tried to not be too frustrated in that short video showing some of the problems, but I’m losing so much time to these kinds of things still. This is another email for support, so that’s who I’m talking to in the video. I keep CONSTANTLY having to deal with these kinds of problems with the app, but I don’t know if somehow I’m overlooking something. When I ask people, they usually mean well and try to be helpful, but they give suggestions that are not really relevant to the problem(s). Even worse, when some people have said that these things are intended behavior. I don’t know how far off I am from reality, but this is still broken right?

Without a Shapr3D file we can’t say much.
Can you send the file?

FS0039SUPPORT.shapr (6.4 MB)
Yes and thanks. This is the part of the project and I had sent it to support earlier as well. Seemingly the same behavior in all/most projects.

Thanks, this is super helpful. We will look into this.

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Sooo there is indeed something wrong with this workspace, something related to those overlapping lines. If you remove that, it looks like it will start behave normally, check out this video.

This doesn’t solve the root cause of the issue of course, but it’s a temporary workaround.

The line is broken.
You can see the line, but you cannot select, delete, or edit it.
I just drew a new one to solve the problem.
But I have no idea why this line is defective, that shouldn’t be!

I see. *so weird to see someone else working on my model :joy:. This solution also illustrates my #1 problem with Shapr3D, or at least if I’m thinking about things correctly. All of the points you removed were not added by me. Shapr3D has added all of those extras into my originally clean and simple sketches. I have a normal routine now of when I need to go back to a sketch I have to first go through every single line manually to remove and fix all of the things Shapr has added while I’ve been working on other things in the project. It’s pretty maddening. I made a posts about it a while back.

I wonder if my workflow is different from most peoples’. I spend a lot of time in a project iterating and trying different things. I kind of look at Shapr3D as CAD and Clay where I can quickly work something out to try out with quick iterations in 3D printing and other manufacturing. I wonder if I’m suffering from some normally unseen degradation due to normal errors piling up. I may copy parts and project parts and all those fun things several times in the same project. I alway take care to keep things tidy and usable, but I wonder if it’s some kind of issue like making a copy of a copy of a copy ends up giving you a paper noticeably less quality than the original or something. Well, now that I think of it, it seems like the issues still do happen quite early on in a lot of projects, so maybe that idea doesn’t hold up well. -edit, typos

As you saw in my video above, you can see a line that you cannot select, edit or delete.
That has nothing to do with your flow, Sharp3D shot something up.
Such a thing shouldn’t happen.