Rendering Glass from Shapr3D model

I have to create and render a glass mug. So I exported a step file to a rendering program to see how it renders and it looks horrible. It seems like there is so much detail in the fillets that it gets refracted too much to get a clean render.

Is there a way to get cleaner, less complicated models out of Shapr3D?

Hi @fuzegraphics , a STEP file does not contain triangulation, but parametric surfaces and curves. The tessellation that you can see here is done by the rendering program that you imported to. Does it provide any options for tessellation when you import the file?

If you need the mesh for visualization purposes only, you can try to export in 3MF format, where you have more control over the quality of the tessellation in Shapr3D, or you can try to tweak the import parameters in the other application if there are any.

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Rendering softwares usually allow adjustments of refractions.

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