Export quality bevel tesselation - Obj

Hello!, quick question.

I’m using shapr3d to build larger scale environments to export out for 3D metaverse experiences.

Generally I use OBJ, however the tesselation on bevel/rounded corners is very very high. Is there a way to specify the tesselation for rounded/corners?. I have played with custom settings but it appears to just reduce everywhere.

i have a business account so should have all export options available. Any ideas if this is something I can do In Shapr3d?. At the moment I have to export to maya/ blender/ remove triangles and then manually remove high poly loops. Or just don’t do any bevels on shapr and do the bevels by hand in maya/blender etc.


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Boop :point_up:… Any ideas?. :pray::heart:

Newbie here but is this your problem?

I just have the free version. But that print is supposed to be super round. I thought it because of the low resolution STL. On Shapr it does say the the low resolution STL would be okay with 3d print and the high resolution is for CNC.

I am looking for the same solution.

Hi! These are two different cases, let me clarify them below.

@MarkL what you can see on the meshes are the result of a CAD-mesh conversion that is made by a tight tolerance kept in mind. When you export a mesh file from a CAD software, the original curved faces and edges have to be converted to a mesh file. To make sure the least amount of detail is lost during the conversion, a pretty tight tolerance is applied to the whole shape.
As a CAD software, Shapr3D does not have many tools to refine or remesh the output. For these purposes please use a mesh editor tool.

@Kaj your case is also connected to the tolerance mentioned above. With the low-quality mesh (in this case STL) export this tolerance is much bigger - we allow bigger gaps between the CAD model and the mesh output. As you can see the curved faces are visibly not curved and there may be some details that got lost during the export.

Thank, you, I appreciate your time and help.