File conversion struggle

Hello. I’ve been trying to ask ChatGPT to help me import a file into Shapr3D but to no avail.

I can’t see how to attach the file here.

Basically I have it in .mb , .zpr , and as .obj

I’d like to import as non-mesh (STEP, I guess) to manipulate more easily. Namely, I’d like to make it hollow.

Given the formats I have available are proprietary or mesh, is there anything I can do?

STEP is fully supported. Considering that we are releasing new versions every 2 weeks and ChatGPT’s knowledge base was cut off years ago, I don’t think that it will give you relevant answers regarding Shapr3D :smiley:

Hi. Thanks. But I don’t have a STEP file. That’s the point!

Mesh to b-rep conversion is not straightforward and I’m afraid that reverse engineering from the mesh model is the easiest way to get a usable model.