Repeat last action

Just had a thought of something that would speed up workflow - repeat last action feature. If you create an object and want to chamfer all of the edges. Chamfer the first edge as normal eg drag it out and type in a value. Then just click on the next edge and it repeats the chamfer on that edge at the same value - still have option to type in a different value. You then just go round the object tapping on edges to get all of the chamfers done really quickly. What do you think?


Probably next week we will implement multiple edge selection, that will allow you to apply multiple fillets/chamfers on a shape. How does that sound?


That would be just great - will speed things us a lot

Sorry for the necro-post, but I’m currently facing this issue with tiling. I’m translating a copy of a body from one vertex to another on the same body, creating a tiling. Full scripting support might be too big an ask, but I think “repeat last action” is reasonable and would add a lot of value.

Also, I thought of Linear Patterns, but the dialogue requires me to input an approximate number, rather than being able to copy exact values from a sketch/edge length.