Drawing onto complex model + extrude - no subtract

Hey guys!,

So quick little thing that bugs me as I do this 1000’s of times.

So I do tons of double-tap > sketch on face > push it extrude and the initial option is subtract.

At first glance not a big deal, but when i work on my bigger models it stalls for minutes. I have to : draw > select the sketch > pull it away from the model ( with the pivot readjusted on the face ) > extrude away > then move the new part back > then perform the operation on the parts I’d like. Having it default to slice any object in front of it is a big slowing down factor in my workflow. Is there a preference setting to disable this or to default to always “new body” I prefer the choice and also it saves on by mistake slicing through my entire model. image|666x500

Hello - there is such a thing :slight_smile: On your picture, check that badge next to the dimension, you can select the type of boolean you want (to overwrite the default)

Not sure if this is an issue for you, but when my workspace starts to grow with more content, it sometimes seems to bog down a bit. I have even seen an anomaly of reverse perspective when zooming in on some geometry details. For the iPad Pro version, I get out of Shapr3D and remove from the background. Then I start it up again and all seems to run smoothly.

Hey Daniel use that button all the time but it doesn’t set a new default. It always starts with subtract. How do I get it to use a new default?