Request for Dedicated Battery Saver Mode

Hello Shapr3D community members,
I am requesting a dedicated Battery Saver mode with a toggle switch on the settings page. There should be a switch dedicated for a “Battery Saver” mode. Especially for mobile devices. As this is the heart and core benefit of Shapr3D mobile CAD application. This mode would include many wonderful features dedicated for extended battery life.

Please, share your thoughts and ideas for how you think this feature should function. Thank you, Bracken
*Disclaimer: I’m not fluent in programming.

[Ideas List]
Reduce and limit CPU consumption
with a small hit to performance.

Cap frame rate to 60hz if Shapr3D uses native frame rate.

Reduce 3D model quality when quickly panning.

Why do you need a battery saver mode for the app if it is available in every mobile device by default ?

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