Reverse engineer

I need a fairly photo realistic, quite accurate model of a 6 inch suction cup that we use pretty regularly in film. The visualization tools are really lining up with the real world materials very well.

In the same session today, I was able to build a good model of the one thing every film set has, the common apple box. Although they seldom look this clean.


For those that don’t know what an apple box is or how it’s used, here’s a retro toy commercial shoot from the '70’s (I think). It prominently shows a couple of apple boxes and I believe a half-apple in the center of the pic (lower far distance).


Awesome pic Mike. Thanks for that. Yes that’s a half apple. Everything is based on inches, a single inch box is called a pancake. For extra points, can you name that dolly? The black fabric frame is a cutter, I’ve already modelled one to practice getting sweep right and tricking the fabric by shelling a rectangle. Shapr’s modern fabric at low scale is a great replica of the real stuff. All these film equipment elements will be in a composite I’ll post soon.