Spacecraft for my sci-fi film

Almost finished but not quite.


Another view


Meanwhile I’m over here trying to figure out how to measure a two dimensional square, haha!!!
Looks great!


Impressive and highly detailed! Great work!
Which Software do you use for rendering your movie? Blender?
Cheers Matt

If it was a square, your post would be easy to answer, but it isn’t!
Cheers Matt

Well… to tell the truth, I won’t do any rendering. I am filming actual physical models. The pictures above are of the 3D model made from the real world scale model. I needed a 3D model for 2 reasons. First, be able to show cool 3D graphs of the spacecraft on computer screens in the control center but more importantly, to 3D print another scale model (half scale from the original scratch built model) that is needed in some shots.

Here is the real scale model.


Impressive! Thank you for sharing!
When the movie is done, share a link, I think I would not be the only one being interested!
Cheers Matt

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Wow, this is incredible! Can you share more details about the film?


That’s really amazing work :+1:

This is my favorite comment of the year :joy:

Wow. Very nice details! Hope i see that movie soon :slight_smile:

This is really amazing work, that must have taken months