How to revolve this ? Can’t seem to revolve it does it need to be a 2D shape ?


The problem is that those 2 circles are tangent, meaning that revolving that face would create a non-manifold body, which is not allowed in Shapr3D.

K thank you
If I remove that, I can revolve it ?
How do you define “non manifold body”
Cheers :slight_smile:

Yes, you should be able to revolve it than. I’ve created something similar and tried.

You can read more on non-manifold bodies here.

Interesting write-up on non-manifold bodies, thanks.

It seems that outside pointing links are one way, that is I cannot get back to the Forum without closing Shapr completely and re-opening (on my iPad). Noticed this also on prior cases. Any thoughts on this?



thanks @tommyn for the observation and sorry for the late reply, it is indeed very annoying and we’ll look into this!