Rope on a corner

Hello im trying to figure out how to make a rope run along a corner.

Im trying to make a file to rout on my cnc.

Tried both in shapr3d and vectric aspire.

Im trying to make the rope on the beveled part along the 1200mm.

Piece mesurements are 25mm x 25 mm then 1200 mm long.

Any help would be much welcome

Im stuck

Not sure what you mean by “rope”. You mean like a rope shaped molding?

Yes like that but fitted on a corner piece like my picture

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Make a spring (lots of tuts on that). Rotate a duplicate 180 degrees then add them together.
I’ll pop my iPad open here soon if that doesn’t nudge you in the correct direction.

Could you please…

  1. Give us some indication of the diameter of the rope you wish to apply to your edge/corner.
  2. Mark/highlight on the drawing exactly where you wish the rope to run (as this is not clear).

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I noticed the spiral in the uppermost image is a little’ stretched out’ and flattened.

You can create a more convincing/pleasing spiral by angulating the profile being revolved…

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I try to leave something for the user to intuit/ experiment for themselves. Just give the basics and trust they will achieve their goal.

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Or is this what your looking for…?