Rotating less than one degree or in between whole number degrees?

I’m trying to rotate an object on one of it’s edges using the rotate on axis tool. I’m trying to rotate it .5 degrees. But there’s no decimal point in the keypad popup window. And I noticed that after I first tried to type in ‘.’-‘5’ with my keyboard–it displays: 0°5’

And after fiddling around I arrived at: 0°5’5"

a) are we able to rotate on degrees that are in between whole numbers, and b) what does the apostrophe and quotation marks mean in a degree reading?

You have it set to fractional. In the top right you can select what kind of units you want, and there you can set degrees to decimal. That’s why you can’t see a decimal in the keyboard.

Then you should be able to do a 0.5 rotation. Since its such a small amount its a little hard to notice :sweat_smile: