Move-Rotate has changed

What happened to Move-Rotate, rotating in 5° snapped increments? Sometimes it rotates smoothly in fractional degrees. Other times it’s back in 5° increments. Personally, I prefer the 5° snapped increments and can always enter exact degrees when necessary. Now with fractional degrees I alway have to key in the desired degree or angle.

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The way it always worked for me was when rotating close to the rotation point, I’d get fractional degrees but if I moved the pen out further after tapping and holding on the rotation arrows, I’d get the 5-degree increments.

I can’t get that to work. Moving the Pencil in or out of the rotation arrows has no effect. Can you share a short video of rotating a part both fractional and in 5° increments?

Hello Mike - we made some tweaks and if you have Snap to grid OFF in the Snapping menu you don’t have automatic rounding. If you turn ON Snap to grid, you should get the 5degree snaps as expected. Hope it makes sense

Your concern is noted though, thanks for the report.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the clarification. I thought I was going nuts. Sometimes I turn off snap to grid.


Mike, it’s working fine on my iPad. iOS 14.8, latest Shapr3D version.