S3D Icon Guide 2019-08

As a relatively new user of Shapr3D my interests are to become totally aware of the Software and its capabilities. My first few weeks were spent clicking on every Icon, and subsequent sub sets of Icons in every which way direction. The result was a rather long winded Personal Guide to Icons and their purposes.

After a Software Update/Hotfix in early August 2019 it was apparent that some Icons had been replaced so I embarked on a project to revamp and simplify my ‘guide’. I am looking forward to revisiting it again when the iPadOS version of S3D is released.

Some Users may be interested in having a compact overview of S3D Icons in Name Order and Feature Order and this document contains both:

S3D ICONS - Aug 2019 - NAME & FEATURE ORDER.pdf (236.8 KB)

Any errors or omissions reported will be gratefully received, however please remember that the rapid development of S3D is likely to put this out of date quite quickly. But please don’t let that stop you pointing out anything new.