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I have been using Shapr3D for a while now. Love it!
It’s a bit of a brain spinner sometimes in the way not quite everything works how you‘d expect it. Mainly because other drawing packages are honed over time. But… I’m annoyingly, having trouble getting used to having to duplicate a drawing to make a revision. Normally (for years) I would work on the latest then use ‘save as’ to save the next revision. Now if the latest drawing turns out to be rubbish I have just destroyed the most up to date version. Especially if I have come out of it and lost the undo ability. Please add save as… Cheers PeteM


Thanks for the feedback!
We have also received a similar feedback and I will as well pass on yours to our product team.

I don’t see the problem I saved in Shapr3D format and brought a file back with no problem and the undo did work. When saving you can assign a name and put it in a folder. The only problem I see is that you should be able to click on the name in the file folder and automatically go into shapr3d

I think have misunderstood.
It’s not a saving issue!
It’s amending a drawing before you have saved the one your working and therefore over writing it. Basically a standard save as. It means you have to remember to make a copy before editing the current drawing. With save as you amend a drawing and save it as a different drawing therefore maintaining the old drawing creating a new drawing.


Yes, there is an option for “saving as”. If you go to the starting screen you will find pictures of the files you are working or did in the past. Do a long click on the file you want to save as and in the upper right corner you will have 3 options. One of those is duplicate. This will create a “copy” of the file. Then you can assign a new name (for example “my file V2…, V3…)
To find this screen clicl in the 4 square icon on the top left corner then in the lower central Part of the screen you will find again that icon, click on it and you will find everything you have done or save in shape3d.

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Hello this was not my question but I have asked a question this morning