Shapr3D really needs some sort of revision system

I had my lovely drawing, and I had selected a spline and was going to make some changes, but decided better safe than sorry, so instead I closed the design, duplicated it and then saw that in the new design, the spline had been deleted. Opened the original design, and found the spline was missing form there too. Maybe a bug, maybe I had accidentally pressed delete, but either way my work was gone.

And as it stands, that’s it, there is no coming back. There is no revision system of any kind (as far as I am aware). At the very very least, I would like to see a revision of the documents saved at launch, and an option to revert a document to as it was when I launched Shapr3D. Better would be to save a revision every time it is opened/closed and have them available. Disk space is cheap generally.

Further, I then went back in, rebuilt the spline (which was painful). Made a duplicate of the design. Started making some tweaks, and Shapr3D screwed up a move of the line, so I undid my change and Shapr3D crashed (I submitted the crash so hopefully that can be resolved) and when I relaunched my design was screwed up (as it was after the bad change which I tried to undo). If I hadn’t duplicated the design, it would have been lost again.

So yeah, some sort of revision system is really needed. I don’t care about syncing between devices, sure, that will be nice, whatever, but losing my work, that sucks. And as it stands, every design that doesn’t have an active copy or an active backup is one glitch or one bad move away from being destroyed which is definitely not ideal.

Thanks for listening.


I am using a Mac.

I think in the short term I will have to develop a habit of exporting my design to a Shapr3D export backup each time I open it (which leads back to my automation topic: Export Workflows - #2 by peter_gyongyosi).

I’ll have to ponder whether I can backup and restore the Application Support/Shapr3D folder for an emergency backup.