Hello. I have a few questions. I’m just beginning the learning curve on the pro version so still making a lot of mistakes.

  • Is there a way to copy sketches from one workspace to another?
  • Is there a way to duplicate a workspace?
  • How many levels of UNDO are there?
  • Is there a way to “unlock all” in a complex sketch?
    Thanks kindly,

You can export to .shapr format and import it to the other workspace.

No, currently, the only way to duplicate a workspace is to export it.

Infinite. But you are probably asking this because most of the time it is really hard to modify bodies once you created them. But this release: is going to fix that. Also, undo history is not saved, so if you quit the app it will be lost.

Not sure I understand, could you please elaborate on this?

Thanks Istvan,
I’ve now tried the first two and they worked fine as you advised.
The third was due to the scenario you described so I’ll try to keep sketches simpler.
the fourth was related to not being able to unlock some points that overlap on a series of tangent circles that I’d locked and then tried to undo. Basically, a total beginner trying to grasp how to do things in 3D CAD. I have a long way to go!

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Can we not take a single sketch on a plane and export it to a new file? I’m having to start over because I lost all my undos.

This applies here:

Duplicate what needs to be kept safe: