Saving files to DropBox seems to have an intermediate 'delete' happening

Exporting a file to dropbox: Appears to save the file, delete it and save again – I get a dialog box from Dropbox just after saving that states ‘do you wish to delete files from all locations’ (paraphrase). If i don’t do that, i end up with two file in the folder – the original file and a copy with (1) after it. If I DO allow DropBox to ‘delete from all locations’ only the original filename is saved.

I use dropBox to share designs between my iPad and Windows whil I try out the Windows version, and I also export STL files to drop box to print them.

Does this happen with both STL and .shapr files? Also, is you Windows machine x64 or ARM-based?

Definitely .STL and I’m pretty sure on shapr3d. This is an x86 intel mschine. I’ll do some more experimenting and perhaps video for you

I short video would be helpful. I don’t have Dropbox set up right now, but I couldn’t see the same thing neither with iCloud nor with OneDrive, though they both offer similar functionality. But we’ll try to reproduce it.

I tried replicating this today but did not see the behavior. I will be on the lookout for this and record the sequnce and setting that caused it if I see it again.

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I face similar kind of issue last time. I am still reaching for some proper solution.