Cant export STL

I was trying to export from Shapr3D, but did not get export options to do it. As i pick on Share a blank windos apper and just with name of the file.

Hi, please can you check to see if your device OS is updated to latest version. Updating the OS helps to resolve the issue.

If you already have installed the lastest version, restart your device and let me know if the issue still persists. I would be glad to proffer other solutions.

hi, thanks. ios version is 13.3.1, yes alredy restart and still same prob.

It’s strange, we will further look into this.

In the interim, please can you try this workaround that also helps resolve the issue:


Hi, did you try the suggested workround and does the issue persist?

now i am litle bit lost, you say move files to hte file manager using drag and drop method. but i cant find the file in file manager.

Well i am not willing to do * Device reset: First do a “Reset All Settings” if the issue persists then use the “Erase All Contents and Settings” option
i got lot of other app and file.

Here’s a screen recording how to drop the file into a particular folder in the file manager:

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yes this work … thanks

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