Export to STL continually fails?

Day 2. Created 2 objects on one design sheet, that went well. When exporting to STL only one of the 2 ever seems to export (the first one created). Seems to export fine though.

Then copied that design sheet twice. On each of the new ones I deleted one of the objects, so there was one per design sheet, the newer one on 1 and the older on the other. For each I deleted everything but the body I wanted to export/print. Neither of those will export to STL at all. Just says “Export failed. Failed too create the file.” They will export to all other formats without any error messages. However when I go look on my iPads file system, I cannot find the files anywhere, even through Shape3D. What am I missing?

Hi - thanks for the report. can you please send your workspace to support@shapr3d.com and a video of the saving process. we will look into it ASAP

Any resolution?

Have you experienced similar issues? - In case of the above problem, Chris sent us the file, we identified a problematic fillet, removed it - and the export worked :slight_smile:

Hi, I am unable to export my designs to stl, which means I can’t have someone create my 3D design. Please help!

Hi! what error message do you get when trying to export the design? Please can you upload a short screen recording showing this?