Export to STL continually fails?

Day 2. Created 2 objects on one design sheet, that went well. When exporting to STL only one of the 2 ever seems to export (the first one created). Seems to export fine though.

Then copied that design sheet twice. On each of the new ones I deleted one of the objects, so there was one per design sheet, the newer one on 1 and the older on the other. For each I deleted everything but the body I wanted to export/print. Neither of those will export to STL at all. Just says “Export failed. Failed too create the file.” They will export to all other formats without any error messages. However when I go look on my iPads file system, I cannot find the files anywhere, even through Shape3D. What am I missing?

Hi - thanks for the report. can you please send your workspace to support@shapr3d.com and a video of the saving process. we will look into it ASAP

Any resolution?

Have you experienced similar issues? - In case of the above problem, Chris sent us the file, we identified a problematic fillet, removed it - and the export worked :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am unable to export my designs to stl, which means I can’t have someone create my 3D design. Please help!

Hi! what error message do you get when trying to export the design? Please can you upload a short screen recording showing this?

I have now at first the same problem, um to these das all export goes well
And this is the message,
To copy inside theres no problem. But to copy @ my typical transfer SD Card now this message

Hi Michaela, please can you send the file to support@shapr3d.com in Shapr format

We will look into it and then get back to you as soon as possible.

No chance, i delete until one old files, but i cant export to my sd card or to another medium or inside.
Before the crazy update for subtration everething goes well.
I think the subtrating tool set new parts or doubling the parts.
I try to find all the mistakes end add parts or melting them to one part.
Check ist, edlere the melting part to check if is inside another part.
Its so terrible, but i need the update for my production.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

How cant send it, its not possible to transfer it with all kind of solutions
No…“Step“ no „Sharp“ no „ stl“

But i can send you my latest variant, who could i set on my usb stick.

Best Regards Michaela

Hello my friends i think i find the mistakes.
Dear support could it be the files get a problem if you use
to much letters in the titel for the files.
The reason is… i think i gave the update from to day ( the same file) a new titel, you have to know all updates get another titel or chaning letters/ numbers for the update history.
But in this case i delete all letters and numbers in the discription and so ist goes well.
Hm, i think there is a bug inside the discription/ titel segment that makes stress to export the files.

See you…best regards

Hi Michaela, thanks for reporting this. I have only noticed this while trying to import a file with a very long title and special characters and renaming the file solved the issue.

We will further look into this and try to reproduce the error for file export.

I have the same problem. Is there a solution?

Hello @Michi, sorry to see that you have problems with the export. Can you please try to export the STL with custom settings and set the Deviation Tolerance to 0.01 the Angle Tolerance to 0.1? It can happen that the model does not have any issues, but the mesh conversion fails for several reasons with the default settings.
If the export still fails, please contact us at support@shapr3d.com and send us the .shapr project attached

Hi, now i have new Problem, in case of stl. transfer i found the reason,
The dateiname was to long.

But now i try to cut out this small triangel.
I build me a cube and do the same procedure like other places, on chance.
I paint the same patern like the losen triangel, no chance.
I try to use the cutout tool, no chance.

So if you have a way of determining a problematic fillet in the back-end, is there a way we could get that functionality in the app in the future?

I have a very complex model that won’t export. It represents dozens of hours of work at this point and being able to quickly identify a problem (highlight red or similar) instead of the needle-in-a-haystack approach I’m doing now, that would be great.

Hello Geahk - great idea, will ask the devs if that is possible. In that particular case I think I’ve found the problematic fillet by hand. If you can share, please send the file (in email) in a .shapr format and we can check.

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I sent the file and got support ticket 56739. I was ultimately able to find the problem through process of elimination by splitting the body and trying to export until I identified the problematic fillet but it took about an hour. An easier way would be appreciated!

Hello, I have a file that exported fine, then I made some very minor changes and after that it gives this “export failed” error. I checked the file name and that’s not the problem. I deleted several parts of the model that had the biggest changes and it still wouldn’t export. Changing the tolerance as KPeter suggested above does succeed in making it export. However, I will email support with the two similar files anyway because I think it might be interesting to you to investigate why one exports and the other doesn’t.

Here are more screenshots showing how I deleted part of the model and it still didn’t work.