Scale a DWG in correct measurements

Hello, its my first time with this kind of issue, so i imported a dwg from autocad2018 to Sharp3d, and once i get it there, i have it with wrong measurements. The entire dwg its tinnier than the original one i have on my pc using CAD. So, what can i do, or what should i do if i want the exact measurements in Sharp3d as the original CAD file, thanks :smiley:


Can you send the dwg file to

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sure, already did it

Hi Angel, thanks for sending the file as requested. I responded already via email.
Are they any issues with the drawing part dimensions or it’s just an issue with the scaling?

We can actually continue this via email as I sent some tips videos and asked for more info.

Hi. I have the same problem. importing DWG completely change in Shapr3d the original dimensions. do you have any advice? i made a DWG in meters, then in Shapr3d the meters are completely different. thank you in advance

Hi, can you send the file to

Of course. just sent. thank you!

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Hi there. thank you to solve the problem. i suggest all the users to check before exporting files from CAD if the input units are correct. Using the UNITS command in CAD is possible to check it. in this way I modified my file from inches in meters input units and importing in Shapr3d it was possible to have the same measurements when needed. thank you for the support