Drawings have incorrect size in other programs


Still not able to use drawings without manually resizing in other programs. It seems like an issue with metric to AAS (American Arrogant System) conversion to me. My work flow does not require a “drawing” form, just a DXF or DWG file at 1:1 so I can have a part cut on the water jet or importing into Autocad or SolidWorks etc.
I’m making a drawing of a 40” x 50” x 60” object in Shapr at 1:1 but in autocad or SW it’s a different size as you can see in the attachments. (Version 4.6)

We would like to check your issue, but we need more info, please help us! What were the exact steps to reproduce the problem? Could you please upload your workspace with the DWG or DXF?
Thanks in advance!

Your result in Solidworks is in imperial (inch)
And in Autocad, the equation is in reverse
It can be corrected in both softwares in the file interface preferences i guess.

Test object.shapr (50.1 KB)
In Shapr, export to drawing, set sheet scale 1:1, place views, save as DXF or DWG.
In AutoCAD, open file, open model tab, then it’s on to resizing. Solidworks is just a simple import.

Pinstriper is correct that it’s correctable, but it’s not an import problem it’s an export problem.
For instance, in Solidworks if you don’t have your settings right when making a drawing the exact problem happens when save as a DWG or DXF. In this case though, I’ve set the drawing to 1:1 in Shapr but there clearly is a translation error to imperial.

Bottom line is that I’m okay with the work around, but if someone doesn’t have Autocad at their disposal like I do and try to export a DXF to a cutting service the file will be the wrong scale.

I just found in Autocad that the file comes through with dimension style ISO-25, and Length scale = 0.0394


Thanks for pointing out the issue, we will fix it!

Until then, here is a workaround:

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Thank you @Laci_K for going after a fix, and the workaround is very helpful too!

Any luck with the fix on this? It’s a big deal to have this resolved for any engineering overview of designs originating in shapr3d. Also, a lot more creative opportunities would find their way to shapr3d with autocad as the final destination for printing/notation. I know there are many others dealing with this specific issue. Thank you!

No, this issue seemingly has not been resolved. I’m still getting incorrectly sized DWGs.

Issue still present. Issue for the laser cutting technician who couldn’t change scale in his software directly. Disrupted my “iPad only” workflow. Hopefully will be solved soon.


We are actively working on this issue, the fix should be out within few weeks. I will keep you posted.



We have fixed the sizing issue with DXF and SWG files since our latest release 5.30. No more need for manually resizing your designs. Thanks for your patience & happy modeling!


Yes, this problem is officially squashed! Thanks everyone!


This is terribly frustrating. I’m using 5.48. Im trying to output my drawing to dxf, output from mm to carbide create, input in mm. With my laser at work, I’m able to set the units and i can get this to import correctly. Today I’m at a loss. I’m trying to output my drawing to use in a CAM, nothing I’ve tried is working. Changing the output to binary changes the filetype to one that isn’t supported.
Is this a problem because the iPad app i originally drew this on, is somewhat old and somehow makes the file not able to scale correctly?

Ok, entirely my mistake.
Shapr is outputting correctly. I hadn’t set up my CAM software and its’ preview was correctly showing the file. Because the bed size was at defualt, it appeared as the file was either grossly too large, or grossly too small depending on the units being selected. Setting up the workspace to match my machine was the solution.


My apologies.


Thank you or the clarification.